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About the Jan and Arjen Sjo[]

The team

The Jan and Arjen Sjo is a team of three friends, Jan, Arjen and Sjo. Their main exploits are making comedy short films, but their repertoire also includes film noir, theater, vlogging, podcasts, and generally trying new things.

History of the Jan and Arjen Sjo[]

This story begins in 2007 when three friends got the idea to make a video about ninjas playing a children's game. This video was never finished. A couple of months later when Sjo was traveling around the globe, he went to a stand-up comedy show in New York and something occurred to him. "We can do that!", he thought. This phrase became the subject of the e-mails that he proceeded to send to his friends. With Sjo still abroad they wrote a stage comedy act via e-mail which was performed in november 2008 at the E.C.L. open podium. With that, the Jan and Arjen Sjo was created.

Episodes of the Jan and Arjen Sjo[]

this happens quite often when filming

Season 1:[]

  1. Pirate vs Ninja 1
  2. Bleach Evolution Trailer
  3. Bob the Spy
  4. Pirate vs Ninja 2: Rise of the Machines
  5. Captain Earwax episode 1: Villain, M.D.
  6. Halloween Special
  7. Tales of the WGO
  8. The Lady-Killer
  9. Captain Earwax episode 2: EL DIABLO
  10. Still No Escaping Gravity
  11. Pirate vs Ninja 3: The Last Stand
  12. Shorts, part one
  13. Captain Earwax episode 3: Sidekick Blues
  14. Shorts, part two
  15. Past Events Such As These
  16. Hyper9000
  17. Bob the Spy 2 - The Spy Who Bobbed Me
  18. Free-for-all Brawl Royale (with cheese)
  19. Tempus Returnos
  20. Onegai Evil Twins
  21. Morning Ritual
  22. Fruit Warfare
  23. The Hopping Dead TRAILER
  24. Neon Genesis Solstice
  25. Shorts, part three
  26. Captain Earwax 4: Explosions Galore
  27. Shorts, part four
  28. Japan: Days 0-9
  29. Japan: Days 10-19
  30. Totally Normal Activity 2
  31. Japan: Days 20-29
  32. End of the World
  33. "Feed the world" LipDup
  34. Anime Intro (opening 1)

Season 2:[]

  1. Pirate vs Ninja 3.5: In the Middle of History

  2. Captain Earwax 5: the Meltdown

  3. Rejected video ideas

  4. Life's a Beach
  5. Ground Control to Major Sjo
  6. Running from Office

Other Videos of the Jan and Arjen Sjo.[]

  1. Bad continuity
  2. Fight Scene Fail
  3. What is love!?
  4. Let's Play I Wanna Be the Guy
  5. Questions with Jan
  6. Amazone!
  7. ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Podcasts of the Jan and Arjen Sjo[]

These Podcasts are meant to showcase the gameplay of various indie or obscure role-playing games. If you're looking for an alternative to Dungeons & Dragons or Pathfinder, we'll try to find you one. Suggestions are welcome.

  1. Savage Worlds - "The Wild Hunt"
  2. Legend of the Five Rings - "Legacy of Disaster"
  3. Swords and Wizardry - "The Dungeon of Akban"

Shoot your shot #6

Awards of the Jan and Arjen Sjo[]

Encouragement award "shoot your shot" finale 2010

Audience choice award "shoot your shot" finale 2010

Masterclass "We are Next" (Internationaal Film Festival Rotterdam) 2011

More of the Jan and Arjen Sjo[]

For further enjoyment we have a Facebook page, we make Vines and have a twitter account (@janenarjensjo)! Here we post all of our funny thoughts, excruciating jokes, and sneak previews of the new video's. You can also contact us for all your questions, comments, marriage proposals, remarks, complaints, bright ideas, death wishes, and other information.

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